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31 December 2009 @ 02:01 pm
job hunt..  

Ok, its been awhile since ive posted here.

I have arrived safely back home in San Francisco, I must begin my job hunt.  My flight got in two days ago, and since then I have played miniature golf and gone rock climbing.  Watched movies, tasted some delicious beers and gone on some walks.   And spent lots of time rolling around in the sack with my beautiful boyfriend (hey- its been two weeks!).

I want to start a website with adsense and I am also trying to get myself organized so I can pursue freelance art.

freelance art is where I want to be. I am starting up a website, it isnt ready yet, but the address is


Its not up yet, but keep checking back for when it is!


I have 6 months till I ride in the AIDS lifecycle.  Im getting nervous!


Thats all for now, I will post pictures of my time in San Diego soon!