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06 April 2008 @ 12:37 pm
a light on  
feeling full.  trading natasha rice for noodles.
Friday I meant to not talk to David at all and decided I no longer liked him.  But then he found me, told me he still had a sticker for me.
His hair was down. 
Bookarts was good, We made journals.  Looking forward to drawing in mine.  Must turn everything in (i gotta make a to do list)
I was smoking a cigarette with natasha, pretended to skateboard, Rolled my ankle, Fainted! 
Now ive had to stay off my foot for the weekend.  slept all day yesterday, and was suprised to sleep all night last night too.  I wanted to ride my bike this weekend.  Unfortunatly I have to put bike riding on hold. 
Victor will give me a ride to safeway at 2.  Ill have to get dressed. 

Two job interviews tommarow.  Maybe three.  I cant rmemeber.  I have to make a to do list.  I have to do drawings for my book. I have to figure out how to make the envelope.  Figure out the metal I will use to bind it together.  the paper.  gah.

Won tickets to see alkaline trio tommarow.  SO excited.  Cyrus isnt really my friend anymore, but hes the only one i know who likes alkaline trio.  He asked if he could come as my guest.  Of course I said yes. 
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