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06 February 2010 @ 09:45 pm
I've posted a few new posts on www.effortlesshealth.net, my blog. If your interested in a detox/cleansing lifestyle check it out!
01 January 2010 @ 05:04 pm
Happy new year! I wanted to go to KINKOS today to have some drawings scanned, but of course, they were closed! I was really surprised. I wanted to share some on this website with ya, but unfortunately it will have to wait. So, in the mean time, here is a painting I did a few years ago and always really liked.

Not the best photo, but hey, it'll do.

It's 2010!

Im going blog crazy! I now have SFarted.blogspot.com which I will be updating with work from bay area artists!
31 December 2009 @ 02:01 pm

Ok, its been awhile since ive posted here.

I have arrived safely back home in San Francisco, I must begin my job hunt.  My flight got in two days ago, and since then I have played miniature golf and gone rock climbing.  Watched movies, tasted some delicious beers and gone on some walks.   And spent lots of time rolling around in the sack with my beautiful boyfriend (hey- its been two weeks!).

I want to start a website with adsense and I am also trying to get myself organized so I can pursue freelance art.

freelance art is where I want to be. I am starting up a website, it isnt ready yet, but the address is


Its not up yet, but keep checking back for when it is!


I have 6 months till I ride in the AIDS lifecycle.  Im getting nervous!


Thats all for now, I will post pictures of my time in San Diego soon!
16 April 2008 @ 09:41 am
Going to go to my radiostation job today and fill out paperwork.  I guess my first job is not till the 27th, Which is not soon enough but hey, what can ya do. 
Took my second test for my music of the worlds people class, did well again,
this is a boring post. 
06 April 2008 @ 12:37 pm
feeling full.  trading natasha rice for noodles.
Friday I meant to not talk to David at all and decided I no longer liked him.  But then he found me, told me he still had a sticker for me.
His hair was down. 
Bookarts was good, We made journals.  Looking forward to drawing in mine.  Must turn everything in (i gotta make a to do list)
I was smoking a cigarette with natasha, pretended to skateboard, Rolled my ankle, Fainted! 
Now ive had to stay off my foot for the weekend.  slept all day yesterday, and was suprised to sleep all night last night too.  I wanted to ride my bike this weekend.  Unfortunatly I have to put bike riding on hold. 
Victor will give me a ride to safeway at 2.  Ill have to get dressed. 

Two job interviews tommarow.  Maybe three.  I cant rmemeber.  I have to make a to do list.  I have to do drawings for my book. I have to figure out how to make the envelope.  Figure out the metal I will use to bind it together.  the paper.  gah.

Won tickets to see alkaline trio tommarow.  SO excited.  Cyrus isnt really my friend anymore, but hes the only one i know who likes alkaline trio.  He asked if he could come as my guest.  Of course I said yes. 
Current Music: Far- water and solutions
30 March 2008 @ 11:57 am
My house is so clean right now, natasha cleaned it.  I loveee it when its clean.  My room isnt clean.. but thats not really a problem.  Maybe ill clean my room today.  Maybe ill try and sell that bike in my back yard
30 March 2008 @ 11:48 am
i went home to visit my parents and it was a terrible trip.  we fought the whole time.  I am cut off from them financially and now have to pay for rent and schooling.  Which im not opposed to, it will be hard but to be independent and not have to owe them anything will be awesome.  So i have to get a job SOON.  Any ideas?
19 March 2008 @ 11:56 am
I would like to sell a lot of my books and records and cds to try and make ends meet.  Clothing too.  I think Ill go out and do that tommarow.  I wanted to go to school tommarow and see davids set up, but I really have to back off of him for awhile i think.
13 March 2008 @ 09:49 am
V and I got in a huge argument about straightedge today, it was silly.  He totally just groups all straightedge kids in with the ones that beat people up for drinking.  Im not straightedge but i certainly dont think everyone is like that.  I dont know, I thought it was silly. 

Now spencer is eating delicious naan and I want some of it.  Who eats naan at 9 in the morning? 

I think I have to start taking my vitamins again, I am falling asleep too often and just lacking energy.  I hate taking vitamins but hey, thats what vegans have to do. 
11 March 2008 @ 08:56 pm
I just have to talk about that beautiful boy again.  my friends (and usually myself) dont take well to boy talk.  So, livejournal, here you go

Saw him again today at school, i was kinda far away and i saw him with his friend but i wasnt going to say anything becuase i didnt want to talk to his friend.  But then he saw me and smiled and waved, so i did the same and then we talked for like 5 minutes.  He introduced me to his roommate, put his hand on my sholdure and was like "this is the girl that was at the locust show a few years ago, who told me about ortherelm" .. talking about me with his roommates!  Im flattered just to have a bit of his attention.  We talked a little longer, I told him my plan to listen to pop punk all summer, though i dont think he was impressed, but im sure he thought it was funny.  When he saw my shirt he was like "Is that a sepultura shirt?" and i was like Yeaaaahhhh beneath the remaiiiinnnnsnss!  and then he said "I havent seen you wear that in awhile"  Which is super neat that he noticed it befooreeee. 
God i feel so boy crazy.  I feel crazy.

but today has been my day for sure, so much good stuff happening to me

First I was hanging out with another guy who is always around the printmaking room, we had a chinese art history class but never spoke to eachother until we were always smoking cigarettes around eachother.  So now we talk and he tells me about girls and i tell him funny stories, thats basically how it goes but then today he was like "Im always so happy when i run into you at school!" which i thought was really nice and sweet. 

I also recieved my torche tape in the mail today, AND my mom sent me  A HUGE BOX FULL OF DIFFERENT VEGAN FOODS!  Made my day!!!!   Though really, WHO does that!  She said she didnt think i was feeding myself!  I just went grocery shopping!  either way, it was awesome becuase its all the food i always want but never buy becuase its so expensive. 

Man, I cant believe im writing about all this on livejournal.  Hopefully I have good luck through out the week and get to keep my job!!!

sorry to all who read this and think that i should go back to jr. high.  Really, I think ive been so down in the dumps that I am just overwhelmed by all this good stuff happening to me.  Maybe i was just so caught up in cyrus, that I was always bummed out becuase of our situation.  Either way, Im in a good place right now and I really really hope that i can start hanging out with beautiful metal boy soon!  David, his name is David, I just want to call him black metal or beautiful boy or math boy whenever i see him.  But i call him david.